Few good articles to read related to UI/UX


I have got a time to read few blogs/articles related to my field UI/UX . I have shared the links in the below go and read if you are interested. Its really worth. (01) http://www.j6design.com.au/6-principles-of-design/ (02) http://www.creativebloq.com/features/6-ways-to-improve-your-logo-design (03) https://developers.google.com/design-sprint/downloads/DesignSprint-NewFormFactors.pdf (04) http://rd.devbox-oxen.com/pattern-library/ (05) https://hexnaw.com/ (A color accessibility tool for designers and developers.)

Top 5 web sites for download free icons and sources


As a six seven years experienced designer I can recommend the following web sites for getting free icons . Its very easy to take an icon edit and use rather than making the icons from the scratch Make sure to credit the authors and contribute to the web sites as a good habit because they save our […]

How to select colors to a design (Best Practices)


Most of Developer / New Designers to the field are finding a ways to select a color scheme to their designs becouse creating a color scheme is essential to good design. I need to mentioned that applying a perfect color theme is not the only way to come up a good design, you need to think about various things such […]

FREE ebooks on UX Designs, Usability, User Interface Design

If you are interesting to read on UX Designs, Usability, User Interface Design I can recommend the following free eBooks. Please go ahead and read you will get tons of new information to the related field Introductory ebooks The UX Reader by MailChimp Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook by ustwo 20 Things I Learned About Browsers And […]

Bootsrap 3 correct CSS Media Queries break points

Please use these Bootstrap 3 media query break point in a correct way . Bootstrap 3 comes with the mobile first methord  which means when creating UI we should create mobile view first and then change the styles to other views such as tablet desktop and larger device If you are targeting desktop oriented please use […]

Jquery script for changing different styles when scrolling mouse on vertically and horizontally

Using this code you can apply different style when scrolling a vertically or horizontally using Jquery Scroll function JQuery has the following method related to the scrolling .scrollTop() .scrollLeft() .scrollTo() please refere JQuery documentations for more details